Update on Camp New Friends 2020

Hi All,

Last week we received a letter thanking us for our donation to Camp New Friends – Brainy Camps. With the letter was a letter, which were all held virtually.

Here are some highlights from the letter:

1. Each camper was mailed a box of supplies.

2. Meanwhile the staff of 40 received training in virtual camps.

3. Each camp started at 10:00 am except one that started at 11:30 am. In total the campers were online 5 -5 .5 hours per day with breaks.

4. About 70% of the campers showed up for each session everyday.

This fall there are plans for weekly or bi-weekly support sessions.

If you know any children who would like to be involved, please let Brainy Camps know.

There has been no decision yet if Brainy Camps will be virtual or in person in 2021.